Unleash Your Spooky Talents with Kroc Junior Theatre's "The Addams Family (Young @ Part)"!

Jan 29, 2024 | by Glynis Eckert

Are you a young talent aged 8 to 18 years old with a penchant for all things mysterious and macabre? Look no further than Kroc Junior Theatre's upcoming production of "The Addams Family (Young @ Part)"! Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the whimsically spooky world of Gomez, Morticia, and the rest of the iconic Addams Family characters.

Audition Details:

Music Auditions - 3/6/24

After registering for the program, don't forget to schedule your music audition! Contact the Education Center front desk at (619) 269-1540 to secure your audition time. Prepare a song to sing with either a CD or cell phone accompaniment. Audition sign-ups start on February 1st, and those who register before this date will receive audition information promptly.

Dance Auditions - 3/7/24

Step into the eerie groove at the dance auditions on March 7th. All students aged 8-18 will learn an audition dance together from 5:00-7:00 pm. Show off your best moves as we select the perfect ensemble to bring "The Addams Family" to life on stage.

Callbacks - 3/9/24

The suspense continues with callbacks on March 9th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. All actors aged 8-18 are invited to attend callbacks as we fine-tune the cast for an unforgettable performance.

Rehearsal Schedule:

Get ready to hone your acting, dancing, and singing skills with weekly rehearsals:

Wednesdays & Thursdays: 5:00-7:00 pm

Saturdays: 10:00 am-12:00 pm

Cost: $350

The registration cost for this spooktacular opportunity is $350, a small price to pay for the chance to showcase your talents and immerse yourself in the world of the Addams Family.

Save the Date for the Grand Performance:

Mark your calendars for the grand spectacle! "The Addams Family (Young @ Part)" will take the stage from May 24th to May 26th, 2024, at the Joan B. Kroc Theatre. Join us for a bewitching performance that will leave audiences spellbound!

How to Register:

Don't miss your chance to become a part of this thrilling production. Register today and secure your spot in Kroc Junior Theatre's "The Addams Family (Young @ Part)." Whether you're an aspiring actor, dancer, or singer, this is an opportunity to showcase your talents and create lasting memories with a community of young performers.


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