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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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Summer is back and better than ever!
June 13-August 26

Camp Kroc is bringing the fun back to summer. Right now, it’s hard to be a parent–you want to make sure your child is safe, but you also want them to be able to socialize, make friends, and have fun. At The Kroc Center’s brand new, COVID-safe, engaging camp environment, your child can do both! Parents will feel a sense of relief knowing their camper gets to be a kid again, in the safest place possible.

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If a camp is SOLD OUT, email [email protected] with your child's name, birthday, and which camp you would like to be added to a wait list.

Summer is better when kids are together

Click through below to see all our camp offerings!

Kroc Adventures

Pee Wee Camp
A great first camp for your little one! Pee Wee Camp focuses on sharpening motor skills and improving group interactions. This is the first year the Kroc Center will ALSO have Pee Wee Specialty Camps. For more information about these camps, see below. 

AGES 4 - 5 • WEEKS: 1 – 11
Daily activities may include: swimming, traditional sports, arts & crafts, rock climbing, and ice skating. Pee Wee campers must be potty trained.
Note: Pee Wee campers have the opportunity to swim twice each week. Only flotation devices approved by the U.S. Coast Guard are permitted. The Kroc Center can also provide life jackets. Parents may not attend camp with Pee Wees.

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Kroc Adventures
AGES 6 - 7 • AGES 7 - 8 • AGES 8 - 9 • AGES 10 - 11 • AGES 12 - 14
WEEKS: 1 – 11

Perfect for any camper! Kroc Adventures is our traditional day camp that is divided by age-appropriate groups. Kroc Adventures explores the unique Kroc Center campus and offers a variety of age-appropriate activities.

Daily activities may include: swimming, traditional sports, ice skating and arts & crafts. Please indicate the age Kroc Adventures camp in which your child will enroll (for instance, a seven-year-old can be in KA 6-7 or KA 7-8).

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Swim Camp
AGES 6 – 14 • WEEKS 1 – 11
Campers will spend time in the water and learn fundamental skills
Campers will get to spend summer vacation in the water by participating in a 40-minute lesson from certified instructors, as well as additional recreation swim time. Build skills in general water safety, kicking, floating, and more. Proper technique and fun are the cornerstones of the Kroc Center Swim Camp programs. All skill levels welcome. 

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Pee Wee Specialty Camps

Our classic Pee Wee Camp taken to the next level! Campers will spend the mornings focusing on a fun and educational topic sure to entertain little inquisitive minds.

Pee Wee Bugs and Butterflies $275
AGES 4-5 • WEEK 1 (JUNE 13-17)
A week of insect exploration and fun!

Pee Wee Superheroes $275
AGES 4-5 • WEEK 2 (JUNE 20-24)
Transform into your favorite superhero for a week of SUPER fun!

Pee Wee Dragons, Fairies and Knights $275
AGES 4-5 • WEEK 3 (JUNE 27- JULY 1)
A week of imagination of fierce dragons, magical fairies, and brave knights.

Pee Wee Dance it Out $220
AGES 4-5 • WEEK 4 (JULY 5-8) *Prorated 4-day week!
Dance into summer & make new friends!

Pee Wee Dino Adventures $275
AGES 4-5 • WEEK 5 (JULY 11-15)
Jump into the Jurassic period for a week of prehistoric fun!

Pee Wee Once Upon a Time $275  NEW!
AGES 4-5 • WEEK 6 (JULY 18-22)
This whimsical fairytale camp blends storytelling and art for a magical experience

Pee Wee Animal Adventures $275  NEW!
AGES 4-5 • WEEK 7 (JULY 25-29)
A roaring week full of fun with animal friends & activities

Pee Wee Super Scientists $275  NEW! - SOLD OUT
AGES 4-5 • WEEK 8 (AUGUST 1-5)
Let’s explore the world through creative and fun hands-on science experiments!

Pee Wee All Sorts of Sports $275
AGES 4-5 • WEEK 9 (AUGUST 8-12)
Campers will learn teamwork participating in a variety of sports across campus

Pee Wee Under the Sea $275  NEW!
AGES 4-5 • WEEK 10 (AUGUST 15-19)
Explore the oceans and their amazing animal life through creative crafts & experiments

Pee Wee Lego Builders $275
AGES 4-5 • WEEK 11 (AUGUST 22-26)
If you can think it, you can build it - A week of hands-on Lego fun!

STEM Camps

Camp Kroc’s STEM camps for kids are fun, interactive, and affordable!  The Kroc Center is your place for fun science camps each summer. Our experienced teachers guide kids ages 6 to 14 through hands-on experiments and activities that teach the scientific method and encourage their curiosity. Kids at our camp develop social skills spending time with new people and asking questions about the new concepts they explore. 

Animal Adventures $275
AGES 6-10 • WEEK 7 (JULY 25-29)
A roaring week full of fun with animal friends & activities

Edible Science $300. SOLD OUT
AGES 6-12 • WEEK 3 (JUNE 27- JULY 1)
Science is more fun when you can eat the results

Full STEAM Ahead $275   NEW!
AGES 6-11 • WEEK 9 (AUGUST 8-12)
Campers will explore the science of movement by building working model cars, planes, boats, and trains!

Junior Police Academy $275
AGES 6 – 10  •  WEEK 6 (JULY 18-22)
Campers will become Jr. Police officers for the week while learning from local law enforcement!


LEGO® Robotics $220
AGES 9-14 • WEEK 4 (JULY 5-8)   *Prorated 4 day week
Exploring the world of coding & robotics through LEGO® Spike Prime & EV3 Mindstorms

LEGO® Robotics Jr.  $275  NEW!
AGES 6-9 • WEEK 8 (AUGUST 1-5)  
Exploring the world of coding & robotics through LEGO® Spike Essentials

Marine Biology $275
AGES 8-14 • WEEK 10 (AUGUST 15-19)
Explore the oceans and their amazing animal life through creative crafts & experiments

Science Rocks! $275  NEW!
AGES 6-10 • WEEK 5 (JULY 11-15)
Bring on the volcanoes, geodes, crystals and more in this fun new geology focused camp!

Space is the Place $275
AGES 6-10 • WEEK 1 (JUNE 13-17)
Exploration of the cosmos with fun, hands on experiments & projects all about space

STEM Academy $275
AGES 6-11 • WEEK 11 (AUGUST 22-26)
Inspire your young scientists with this fun and enriching camp focusing on STEM learning and career exploration!

Young Engineers $275
AGES 7-11 • WEEK 2 (JUNE 20-24)
Explore the world of engineering hands-on! Campers will build and create their own inventions using the Engineering design process

Sports Camps

Campers enrolled in Sports Camps will spend up to three hours per day focusing on skills, practice and play of the particular sport. The remainder of the day will be spent exploring other activities at the Kroc Center, which may include: field games, arts & crafts, swimming, and rock climbing. Many Sports Camps have Friday games or performances for family and friends. Game and performance times will be noted on the weekly schedule and will take approximately 30 minutes. 


Basketball $260
AGES 8 – 14 • WEEK 8 (AUGUST 1-5)
Campers will develop skills and teamwork lessons through drills, practice, and scrimmages led by experienced coaching staff

Ice Hockey $449
AGES 7-9 & 10-14 • WEEK 7 (JULY 25 - 29)
Campers will learn skills, teamwork, and focus on spiritual development taught by professional hockey coaches from Hockey Ministries International! *Must have experience and equipment

Intro to Cheer $260
AGES 7 – 14 •  WEEK 4 (JULY 5-8)  *Prorated 4 day week
Campers will build confidence and cheer skills through team-oriented drills and practice

Intro to Ice Skating $260 - SOLD OUT
AGES 6 – 8   •   WEEK 9 (AUGUST 8-12)
Campers will learn basic ice skating techniques & skills while having a blast

Intro to Ice Skating $260
AGES 9 – 14 •   WEEK 9 (AUGUST 8-12)
Campers will learn basic ice skating techniques & skills while having a blast

Lacrosse $260
AGES 9 – 14 • WEEK 3 (JUNE 27 – JULY 1)
Learn lacrosse basic skills and rules with the San Diego Seals!

Pickle Ball $260  NEW!
AGES 8-14 • WEEK 5 (JULY 11-15)
Get ready for some fun in this new camp focused on learning skills and rules of this up and coming sport!

Soccer $260
AGES 8 – 14 • WEEK 2 (JUNE 20-24)
Campers will develop skills and teamwork lessons through drills, practice, and scrimmages led by experienced coaching staff

Splash Camp $260  NEW!
AGES 8-12 • WEEKS 2, 4, 6, 8, & 10
Campers will have fun under the sun getting daily open swim, water games, and water based play at the field!

Swim Camp $260
AGES 6 – 14 • WEEKS 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, & 11
Campers will learn fundamental skills and water safety during daily lessons

Volleyball $260
AGES 8 – 14 • WEEK 6 (JULY 18-22)
Come elevate your game by learning new skills with our experienced coaches

Arts Camps

Campers can stretch their imaginations, unleash their inner artist, and explore their creativity in our Creative & Performing Arts Program. Learn something completely new like drama, culinary arts or jewelry making, or whatever your child loves to do! 


Animation Station $275 NEW!
AGES 8-14 • WEEK 5 (JULY 11 - 15)
Campers will set their imaginations loose while learning and creating with different mediums of animation

Drama Camp $520  *Two Week Camp! - SOLD OUT
“Disney’s Frozen Kids”
AGES 7 – 14 • WEEK 7 & 8 (JULY 25 – AUGUST 5)
Take the stage in our junior theatre production of Frozen

Intro to Hip Hop $260
AGES 7 – 14 • WEEK 9 (AUGUST 8 - 12)
Dance into summer with hip hop camp

Kroc Beats $275  NEW!
AGES 8 – 14 • WEEK 3 (JUNE 27 – JULY 1)
Campers will learn basics of reading music, learn the basics of recorder, and create their own songs in apps such as garage band

Kroc Sous Chefs $240 NEW! SOLD OUT
AGES 6-9 • WEEK 4 (JULY 5 - 8) *Prorated 4 day week
Campers will discover their inner chef with cooking and plating techniques & kitchen safety

Paint Splats $275
AGES 6-10 • WEEK 10 (AUGUST 15 - 19)
Experiment with various paints and mediums to create fun & messy art projects

Spa & Wellness $275
AGES 8 – 14 • WEEK 6 (JULY 18 - 22)
Escape to spa and wellness camp to pamper yourself and learn about self-care

Creative Camps


Creative Coding $275  NEW!
AGES 8 – 14 • WEEK 7 (JULY 25-29)
Learn to code and create your own video games & music through Scratch, Tinker, and Lego Prime Robotics!

Creative Writers $220  NEW!
AGES 10 - 14 • WEEK 3 (JULY 5-9)  *Prorated 4 day week
Come set your imagination loose and create fun poems, short stories, comics & more!

Heroes Assemble $275  NEW!
AGES 6 – 10 • WEEK 2 (JUNE 20-24)
Calling all Marvel & DC fans! Become your favorite superhero for the week with SUPER-activities!

In a Galaxy Far, Far, Away $275  NEW!
AGES 6 – 11 • WEEK 6 (JULY 18-22)
Explore the galaxy and beyond to become a true Jedi Master in this Star Wars themed space camp!

Kroc Master Chefs $275  NEW!
AGES 9-14 • WEEK 8 (AUGUST 1-5)
Explore your passion for cooking while creating family style meals from scratch and learning kitchen safety

Lego – Mation $ 275  NEW! SOLD OUT
AGES 6-10 • WEEK 10 (AUGUST 15-19)
Create your very own Lego Movie through stop animation!

Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic & More! $ 275  NEW!
AGES 7-11 • WEEK 5 (JULY 11-15)
Come learn to play these popular card games, as well as many other fun tabletop and board games!

Wizarding World $ 275  NEW!
AGES 8 – 12 • WEEK 3 (JUNE 27 – JULY 1)
Escape into the magical world of Harry Potter with themed crafts, games, experiments, and even Quidditch!

YouTube $ 275  NEW!
AGES 10 – 14 • WEEK 9 (AUGUST 8-12)
Create, direct, edit, and star in your very own YouTube video! *Content will only be uploaded to a secure password protected page

Be a Junior Leader!

Explore what it takes to be a team player and a leader in the community and among peers. During a one-week training session, teens will focus on leadership skills relevant to supervising children in a camp setting. After completing a training session, teens will have the opportunity to enroll in up to nine weeks of Junior Leaders programming. Project may also include planning and organizing special camper activities and experiencing behind-the-scenes aspects of camp.

Interested teens should complete the Junior Leader application form and submit with a one-page letter of interest and a letter of recommendation by May 27, 2022.  

Junior Leader Application


 Safety is our top priority 

Health & wellness is more important to our camp families than ever before. The Kroc Center is committed to providing a fun, active, engaging, and safe camp experience for your child. This year, you will see a few changes to how camp operates, in order to ensure the safety of campers and staff


Welcome to Camp Kroc!

Pick-up & Drop-off

The Drop-Off/Pick-Up process has been updated to maintain social distancing guidelines and includes a morning health assessment.

Socially Distanced

Masks will be worn at all times inside the Kroc Center, with the exception of during meals, while in the pool, and occasionally during socially distanced outdoor activities.

Washing hands

Campers will wash and/or sanitize hands regularly, including upon entering the Kroc Center, before and after meals, and in between any major activity change.


Christian Values
Add positive Christian values into your childs summer! During our “daily huddles” campers are introduced to positive, age- appropriate accounts from the Bible that convey examples of character development.

Learn more

Stay Active 
Get active this summer at Camp Kroc!  Staying active over the summer is extremely beneficial to a child's health and wellbeing. And the best place to do that is at Camp Kroc! From swimming, skating, and sports on our recreation field, kids will be moving all summe

Scholarships are available!

Pease sign up to be a Client and Request a Scholarship with the Family Resource Center at least one month before the season starts (Winter, Spring, Summer.

Click here to learn more 

Thank you Jersey Mike's for sponsoring Campers of the Week!

Hours of Operation

Regular Camp Hours: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday
Drop Off: 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM, Monday - Friday
Pick Up: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday
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Hello from the Camp Manager

My name is Molly and I am the Day Camp Manager here at the San Diego Kroc Center. First, thank you so much for choosing Camp Kroc and for trusting us to take care of your children. I am so excited to see some familiar faces as well as meet some new friends this summer! As the daughter of two elementary school teachers, I grew up immersed in the world of youth development. I have spent over 16 years working in child & youth development programs including day camp, overnight camp, licensed childcare, enrichment programs, family camping, and outdoor science school. I graduated from Michigan State University (GO SPARTANS!) and am extremely passionate about spending time with family, outdoor recreation, STEM learning, reading, and performing arts!

I couldn’t be more excited to work with your campers here at the Kroc Center this summer! I am also very proud to announce that we have added 20 fun and exciting new camps for your children to enjoy. We can’t wait to see your children at camp!

Molly Dillon / Camp Kroc Manager

Stay up to date with Day Camp Policies & Codes of Conduct

Day Camp Policies General Kroc Policies  Code of Conduct Sign up for Camp Kroc email

What is ACA Accreditation?
ACA is an acronym for the American Camp Association. The ACA has developed a rigorous and in-depth set of standards affecting camp operations, staffing, programming, and safety procedures. Camps that meet these criteria are awarded an ACA Accreditation. We are proud to be an ACA Accredited Day Camp, providing a safe and enriching experience for our campers.

Praesidium, Inc
The Salvation Army Kroc Center has been awarded Praesidium Accreditation by Praesidium, Inc., the leader in abuse risk management. Praesidium Accreditation is a prestigious honor that publicly demonstrates the organization has worked to achieve the highest industry standards in abuse prevention. To attain accreditation, The Salvation Army Kroc Center underwent a rigorous risk assessment to review and scrutinize eight primary operational areas within their business including: policies, screening and selection, training, monitoring and supervision, consumer participation, feedback systems,

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 Thank you so much for all you do!

"My daughter has grown so much over the last couple years attending camp. She's an only child in a house of adults this camp has helped her grow into an outgoing outspoken beautiful little girl. She's making lifting memories and friends. Thank you so much for all you do."

We'll be back next summer!

""My daughter loved her summer at camp. She felt safe, comfortable and was always excited to go back. Thank you for providing an atmosphere where I felt comfortable sending my child to over the summer. We'll be back next summer!"

We love this Camp

All staff is very friendly and takes time to get to know every kid. I'm always impressed when I pick up my kids and all counselors say bye to my child by name

Best summer ever!

"Love the organization, lunches, counselors were super friendly. It feels safe and lots of fun stuff for the kids to keep them active."

We always felt safe!

"What a wonderful experience I had with the center. My child was taken care of, included, and loved it from day one. Thanks to all the counselors, Jr. Counselors, and other staff."!

Peace of mind all summer!

"It was my little one's first camp experience! And he had lots of fun and loved the Pee Wee camp. We will definitely sign him up for Winter camp!"

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