Week 3: Maintain Don’t Gain

Dec 11, 2022

Week 3 (Week of Dec 11th – Dec 17th)

This time of year can feel very tense. It really is one of the busiest times of the year. You are trying to balance out work, family time, shopping time, friend time, holiday party time, and the list goes on. It gets dark earlier and earlier, and it can make it feel like you get less done each day.. You get cranky because you spend more time in traffic around the shopping malls. Stressful situations are everywhere. You are probably losing a little bit of sleep because you are trying to figure out how you are going to accomplish everything the next day

Often times you can forget to take time for yourself. Be sure to chisel out a little time of your day to focus on you! Sometimes it is getting up and taking a walk and enjoying the outdoors. Other times it might be going to the Kroc, dropping the kids off at playcare and doing some exercise. It may be just taking 5 minutes of your day just to relax your entire body and forget about all your troubles. Whatever it is, find a way today to take a few moments to focus on you.

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