Former Kroc Scholarship Family - Where are they now?

Jul 7, 2023 | by Glynis Eckert

The Inspiring Journey of the Leonard Family

In a world where day-to-day living can be a challenge, the Leonard family's story shines as a beacon of hope. Once clients of The Salvation Army Kroc Center’s Family Resource Center, the Leonards have transformed their lives. Through determination, resilience, and the support they received, they are now thriving. The Kroc Center Scholarship Campaign was developed for creating opportunities for families to experience Kroc Center programming.

Mayra Benevides and her three daughters, Tatyanna, Eva, and Savannah were clients of ours and cover models on our Spring 2018 program guide. They were the represented family that year for our annual Kroc Scholarship Campaign. While very happy and engaged in Kroc Center programming, they still struggled here in San Diego and needed assistance.

Family Resource Center recognized the potential within the Leonard family and provided them with the tools they needed to build a brighter future. The Leonards' commitment to self-improvement was met with the center's dedication to their success, creating a powerful relationship. Kroc Center Youth and Family Development Director Pamela George agrees. Families like the Leonard’s are a beautiful testament to why the Kroc Scholarship Campaign is so very important. All children deserve the right to participate in life changing programs that will uplift their futures and provide opportunities to grow and thrive.”

Today, the Leonard Family no longer needs assistance from the Family Resource Center. Eldest daughter Tatyanna is studying hard in school to apply for admission to UC Berkeley.  13-year-old Eva is even more involved in Kroc Jr Theatre and looks forward to next year’s production of The Addams Family. And youngest, Savannah, enjoys volleyball here on Friday afternoons. “My kids have pretty much tried everything at the Kroc Center. Ice skating, swimming, theatre, gymnastics, sports and more,” Mayra smiled. “The scholarship assistance was the financial support we needed at the time. If I didn’t have that, I couldn’t have afforded it on my own.”

The Leonard family's journey is only one story the Family Resource Center must tell. Their story reminds us that with the right resources and support we can help create opportunities for other families in our community to thrive. By supporting the Kroc Center’s Scholarship Campaign you directly change lives here in San Diego. Please consider donating today.


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