Honoring Our Veterans and Volunteers at The Kroc Center

Nov 7, 2019 | by Belinda Mendoza

Toni and Kenneth Grant may seem like your average Kroc Center members, but they are so much more than that! This couple has dedicated their lives to bettering our country, city, and community. 

Kenneth served in the army as a radio repairman in the 1970’s and also did 35 years of Silver Service, a program that was started to help employ veterans. “I thank God that I joined the military because it gave me so many opportunities and blessings. It allowed me to buy a house, get educated, meet my wife, and led me to my next job.” 

The Kroc Center will be honoring veterans like Kenneth along with active military all week long, from November 10-16 for the week Veteran’s Day. Military members and veterans will be allowed to come and bring their family for free access to our gym, pools, courts, and climbing tower.

While Kenneth was serving the country, Toni was working for the city of San Diego in various positions for over 23 years. However, Toni and Kenneth are now both retired. They use their free time to volunteer with multiple organizations, including right here at The Kroc Center. “Volunteering is a great way to keep busy and it’s a good feeling to give back to the community. I’m glad to be able to give back some of what God has given to me.” Says Kenneth.

This dedicated couple comes in every Tuesday morning to help in our Family Resource Center. They are the ones behind the scenes who help stock and do inventory for our food pantry, which in return goes to lower income families in our community who we provide assistance to. 

They also have strong ties to their church and take time volunteer with them and participate in local events. Toni stresses that when choosing to be a volunteer, it’s important to find a volunteer opportunity that is the right fit.

“The people at The Kroc Center and The Salvation Army, are truly servants of the Lord. The staff is very giving, loving and kind, not just to their members, but to volunteers as well, which is important.” Says Toni.

As a non-profit we rely on volunteers like Toni and Kenneth and we currently are in need of extra volunteers for the holiday season. We offer different volunteer opportunities to match different skill sets and work around your schedule, so you can find your right fit and change lives doing something you love.

Visit our website for volunteer information.

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